Making Hope Happen YMHC Workshops

About Sheryl Boswell:

Sheryl is a passionate and inspiring educator and workshop facilitator. She brings a wealth of experience with people of all ages, backgrounds, learning styles and needs. For years, Sheryl, an experienced educator, workshop facilitator and writer, has been sharing her passion for education, skills development, participatory learning and community-building. What follows is a list of some of her most-requested mental health and wellness workshop topics.

  1. Navigating the Education System
  2. Rights and Responsibilities in Education
  3. Mental Health 101
  4. Anxiety Disorders 101
  5. The Ontario Human Rights Code and Accessible Education
  6. Understanding Educational Accommodations and the Individual Education Plan
  7. Emotional Regulation
  8. “School Refusal”: Non-Attendance at School due to Mental Health
  9. Parent Support and Advocacy
  10. Using “Beneath the Surface: a Creative Journal Workbook”
  11. Using “Sources of Support for Mental Wellness”
  12. Using “Sources of Strength for Mental Wellness”
  13. Using the Mental Wellness Workbook
  14. Compassionate Tools for Mental Wellness: Creating Caring School Communities and Champions
  15. Intersectionality and Mental Health
  16. Making the Individual Education Plan Work
  17. Making Hope Happen: Creating Strength, Evidence and Hope Based Learning
  18. Building Self-Awareness for Self-Advocacy
  19. YMHC Youth Mental Health First Aid
  20. YMHC Mental Health and Wellness Education Program: a 10 week program

Detailed descriptions about each workshop and the 10 week program are available.

Public Workshops

Workshops for Individuals

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Workshops for Organizations

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Workshop Fees

We keep our course fees as low as possible to ensure our workshops are accessible to those who need them most.

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Workshop Fees

2 hour workshop $25

School, Community or Workplace Workshops within Etobicoke, North York & Mississauga
One Session: $400
Two Sessions: $750

School, Community or Workplace Workshops in Burlington, Scarborough, Vaughan & GTA
One Session: $450
Two Sessions: $850