Our Mission

  • To provide youth mental health and wellness education through our tool kit of resources and aids
  • To support students, parents/families and educators in promoting mental wellness
  • To increase students’ sources of strength, awareness, resilience and supports

Our Goal

  • Our ultimate goal for the youth mental wellness tool kits is for all students in Canada to receive a mental wellness tool kit if we want to see real change in normalizing the conversation on mental health and wellness
  • The youth mental wellness tool kits have the potential to make Canada a leader in responding to youth mental health issues by providing mental wellness tools for all ages, all backgrounds, all needs by reaching out to youth of diverse backgrounds, responding to youth mental health challenges with caring, compassion and community and promoting the involvement of all members of society in supporting youth suicide prevention, youth mental health and wellness and recognizing the importance of communicating messages of hope for youth with real action and real resources.

Youth Mental Health Reality: The Difference We Can Make

  • Suicide is the first cause of death for youth aged 10 – 24 in Canada after accidents
  • Males of all ages account for 75% of all suicides
  • 20 – 25% of youth have at least one mental health disorder
  • Only 1 in 5 youth get mental health treatment
  • Students with mental health challenges and disabilities are often the victim of bullying
  • The wait for treatment of mental health issues is one year and more
  • Fifty percent of mental illnesses begin before age 14
  • Canada has the third highest youth suicide rate in the industrialized world