The Mental Health Chats are not for people in a mental health crisis. This is not an emergency response service. If you need help in an emergency or are in crisis:

What is the Weekly Mental Health Chat?

If you’re planning on coming out to one of our Mental Health Chats, it may help to know what to expect.

Check out the guidelines below to get a better idea!

Guidelines for Mental Health Chats

  • Confidentiality – everything said is confidential, unless otherwise stated. Additionally no photos can be taken or recording devices of any kind can be used at our support meetings.
  • Be non-judgmental of others.
  • Listen – please avoid interrupting others – The facilitator(s) will do their best to facilitate the meeting. The goal is we each take roughly equal share of time speaking.
  • Everyone’s voice counts!

Benefits of Peer Support

  • Peer Support enhances the process of developing a wellness plan by giving people the opportunity to discuss things they are considering, by learning from other people’s experiences and by sharing and exploring options. 
  • You are not alone. The Mental Health Chat offers a convenient and safe place to connect and share experiences and encouragement. Positive social support is a critical protective factor in good mental health.

Register for a Chat

Step 1. Select a time slot in the calendar below and submit your registration form before the registration deadline.

Step 2. After your registration is approved, you will receive an email with a Zoom link and password to join the chat.

Step 3. Join the Zoom chat on time. (How to join a Zoom meeting?)

Registration Deadline:

Registration for the chat is every week on Wednesdays before 11:30 PM.

To register, please click on a time slot below:

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Preparing for a Zoom Chat

  • Download Zoom here. Click the downloaded file to install the app!
  • Click Sign In after opening the Zoom program. Register for a Zoom account if you don’t have one.
  • Click Join to join a meeting with the meeting ID or the meeting invitation link.
  • A headset. You might think they look a little strange, but besides an internet connection, there is no more important factor in any conference than audio quality. When you start speaking, the last thing you want to hear is your own voice talking back to you. If you can’t get your hands on a headset, at least use a pair of headphones to eliminate that dreaded echo. Your fellow participants will thank you.
  • A webcam (optional). It isn’t much of a video call if your fellow participants can’t see you! Quality webcams are inexpensive and can be purchased at almost any electronics store or online. Most laptops come with them. Webcams almost always have a microphone embedded.
  • A reliable Internet connection. Your network connection is everything. Wired connections are preferred, but strong wireless connections are fine too—just maybe not the public WiFi at your local coffee shop. Recommended speeds for a group video call are 3 mbps upload, 3 mbps download.
  • A good computer.This one is pretty obvious. Everything you see in a video conference is put together through a process called video rendering which takes a lot of processing power. While you don’t need the absolute latest and greatest hardware, in the era of HD video your old laptop from 2005 just won’t cut it. Minimum computer requirements are a 2Ghz dual core processor and 4Gb of RAM
  • Find a quiet place. Remember that microphones can pick up an awful lot! That corner seat at the coffee shop might seem quiet to you, but the whole meeting might be listening to every chair squeak.
  • Mute your microphone when you’re not speaking. If you’re engaged in the conversation, you’ll want to keep that microphone on so you can speak comfortably, but if you’re not speaking for extended periods, eliminate the chance of audio echo by remembering to mute!
  • No windows! It might be a beautiful day outside, but in this case it’s better to tell than to show. Sitting in front of a window sends your camera’s backlight compensation into overdrive as it battles the sun to capture an image. The sun always wins and you’ll end up looking like a shadow. Remember it’s fine sit by the window, just don’t point your camera there!
  • Test first! Before you start the meeting, go into the settings menu and make sure you test out your microphone and can see yourself on the video tab!

Join a Meeting

Joining & Configuring Audio & Video

Any Questions?