If you need help in an emergency or are in crisis:

What is the Daily Messages of Support Service?

The DM of Support is a daily, supportive, message sent directly to your inbox.

What are the benefits of the DM of Support?

This serves as a personal check-in for you from YMHC. The DM of Support is designed to give you the boost you need for your mental health in your day; positive social support is a critical protective factor in good mental health.

What will I receive when I register for the DM of Support?

Once registered, you will receive a daily, personal message of support sent to your email to give you the added strength and support you may need to get through the day.

How do I register for the DM of Support?

The DM support requires very little information to register, as your privacy is our top priority.

Follow this button to fill out just your name and email: